The Best Is Yet To Come

Are the best days of your life behind or in front of you?

Our outlook on life and our answer to that question can change with time. When we’re younger, we look ahead, wanting to grow up. And once we’ve grown older, we yearn for the past, wanting to be young again. There are times that we cannot see where we are going because we tend to look back and fight back on what haunts us down.


I used to ask that question so many times and spent sleepless nights just to realize that I am lost.

But then God found me, carrying all the answers with his hands, erasing all the questions inside my head, while bringing back my strength and restoring what has been broken.

He has given me a new heart to survive from the haunted and accept the things, situation and the person right in front of me.

When it feels like you’re in the worst nightmare, you have to keep your eyes open.

To do what you need to do and to know where you are supposed to be going.

Days like these, we have to believe that the Best is yet to come.


Thanks for your time. Like my story? I also write poems and fiction with feelings. Read me more on my instagram page. @taleofrealdreams . God bless 😍🙏😘

Published by

Marie Garcia

I love sharing ideas about Personal Growth, Business, Art and Design. While helping brands to reach their business goals, I aim to lead consumers to a wise online experience. I hope we'll click soon! Follow my fruitful blogs, you will not regret it! 😃😉

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