A modern glimpse of perfection emerged at the Tripoli International Fairground with a stunning look of AAVVA together with other Luxurious brands including GUCCI, YSL Paris and Marc Jacobs.

The National LUXURY MAGAZINE photo shoot has made a tribute for Oscar Niemeyer, an architect born in Brazil considered to be one of the key figures in the development of modern architecture and the designer of the Abandoned Tripoli that was created in the year 1960s inspired by futuristic concept and modernism.

Lebanon’s pre-war ambition was left unfinished when the civil war intervened and was forgotten as the violence in the state continues for 15 years. And now, it travels into two timelines representing the surreal ruin of the past while cross firing the modern blending of creative insights and geometrical design of the present. The designers, artist, and photographers of the contemporary world of fashion view this architectural artwork as a fairground on introducing their awe-inspiring creations.

AAVVA Dubai Ss18 Collection

AAVVA FASHION as known as the blending of the two creative elements; the modern and the old; combining fashion and architecture to become one exceptional art, was one of the luxury brands presented to this tribute for the month of March 2018.

The brand proudly brought out their SS18 Collection LE VIE EN ROSE REMIX the classy match of black floppy ruffled sleeves blouse paired with Blue Silk Satin Maxi Skirt expressing the captivating spirit of the past and aura of revolutionary future.

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