What To Wear During Ramadan In UAE

Ramadan 2019 is about to start. For Muslim Countries like UAE, It is known as the most respectful time of the year and observed by people in the Middle East Countries which they consider as the ninth month of Islamic Hijri Calendar, and the holy month in which the Quran was revealed to the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

Ramadan 2019 will start on May 05 and ends till June 4. People in the UAE are expected to be more respectful to Muslim tradition and culture. Even the expats and tourists should contemplate about the rules during these times especially in public.

It’s a time for new spiritual beginnings, a moment to spend with your family and a chance to express genuine humanity.

Shopping Malls in Dubai like Mall of Emirates, Dubai Festival City, Wafi Mall is open but some of the fast-food chain and food courts offer to check out orders. The longest mall hours open during Ramadan is The Dubai Mall because it is known as the center for the tourist destination.

When in terms of dress codes during Ramadan, just remember to choose what to wear carefully. For women, you are not required to cover yourself or anything, just make sure you wear clothes that are not so revealing which covers the knees and shoulders.

If you are looking for something to wear during Ramadan, here are some of the best looks of Ramadan Collections that you can wear.

aavva-ramadan-looks-2Modern Kaftan | Kaftan with Embroidery |Glamorous Kaftan

Since Dubai has the busiest streets in the UAE, where luxury and leisure is the number one reason why tourist loves to visit, during the holy month, there is no exception to the rule. It’s not allowed to eat, drink or smoke in public during daylight hours out of respect for those who are fasting, although you can eat and drink in your hotel/ mall food courts or inside your home as normal if you are not a Muslim.

Fasting during the month of Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. The month is spent by Muslims fasting during the daylight hours from dawn to sunset.

Most of the restaurants are close in the day time and open depends on what time the Iftar, which usually around 7pm during Ramadan. During this time, the streets will be busy with people, the restaurants will be open and many people will gather at night.

Some of the Muslims celebrate this special evening with delicious food and dressing up for a dinner event.

Here are some of the ready to wear casual looks you can wear during Ramadan.

long-dresses-for-iftarLong Round Chiffon Dress| Long Sleeve Stretch | Printed Long Dress

You can purchase these online for your iftar branded outfit in affordable prices. Get hustle-free shopping at Souq fashion and Amazon.

long-dresses-for-iftar-1Long Sleeves Maxi dressAbaya DressMaxi Long Dress Short Sleeves
long-dresses-for-iftar-1-1Embellished Kaftan | Long Sleeve Belted KaftanModern Ruffled Kaftan

And if you are looking for Luxury Brand dresses in Dubai here are looks from top designers in UAE check out their collections.

aavva-ramadan-looks-casualsJumper Dress|A-line Botanical Dress|Organza Embroidery Dress

A-line dresses collection from AAVVA nailed it! The concept of the dresses blends the contemporary style of Western descent and traditional looks from the Middle Eastern roots of the designers.  The signature dresses are made beautifully with capes and pearl embroideries perfect for special occasions.

aavva-ramadan-looks-dressesCape Dress w/ Pearl Embroidery|Blouse Long Sleeve and Satin Printed SkirtRuffle Cape Dress

For Non-Muslims, you can wear casual look like trendy jumpsuits or Denim Dresses as long as it is not showing more skin.

Modern Kaftans are the new trend today, even for non-muslims who are residing in the UAE, they love to wear colorful kaftan dresses.

Shop high-quality Kaftans here.

 the modist kaftansCarson Colour Block Kaftan|Floral Silk Kaftan |Cecelia Long Sleeves Bias Cut Dress

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