AAVVA Dubai’s Elegant Gowns And Dresses For All Special Occasions



Dubai is one of the fashion-forward city in the UAE that showcases different luxury fashion brands today and, it is normal that we are overwhelmed with a lot of options.

However, let’s not just look at the price tag, because what makes each one different from another is not just the brand name or how you carry the look; but also how each look was created.

AAVVA is known as a Brazilian Lebanese fashion brand, created by Engineer Ahmad Ammar and Architect Vincenzo Visciglia. Their works have been introduced to the mob from architecture to fashion, that motivates them to push design to the next level. As the brand continues, they showcase different dress and gown on the local and international runways. With the blending of classic Arab and contemporary western fashion, the designers passionately share their unique enthusiasm to the crowd.

AAVVA showcases a lot of designs, including the custom made dresses and ready to wear pieces that are now available in stores across GCC. They have been successfully catering to local clients specifically in UAE, KSA, Bahrain, and Qatar.

Are you looking for couture gowns for a special occasion?

Check out their best beautiful dresses I’ve listed below.


They are best known for cape gowns, tulle dresses and feather dresses which are very popular in GCC, mainly inspired by traditional and conservative of Arab Women.

Feather Dress

Sweetheart Feather Dress designed intricately with beads embroidery. Made of satin fabric and style with attached feather skirt cape.

Sophisticated vertical lines and flower bead embroideries, styled with a belt and flowy feather hem.

Purple Feather Dress with Pink and Silver embroidery inspired by Fairytales.

Tulle Skirt Cape Dresses – COUTURE

This Multicolor sheering Dress was custom made for a wedding event.

Made of tulle and satin fabric perfect for a very special occasion.

Tulle and Sheering Dress Collections

Envisaged from the hit “La Vie En Rose” by French singer Édith Piaf. Combining the exquisite feel of music and art, the designers have created spectacular pieces that are an opposing mix of the softness and the energy, the color and the subtleness, the flare, and the fit. Through this beautiful mix of the new with the classic, reminiscing the remix of the golden hit number, AAVVA creates the pieces with an elaborate mix of tulles and chiffon dresses.

Altaroma Collection

Created for women who wear the pieces with fierce confidence, AAVVA’s Altaroma Collection is inspired by the blending of ancient Greek and modern women’s fashion designed distinctly of symmetrical patterns. The collection is designed for the Altaroma fashion walk in Rome.

Swarovski Sparkling Couture

This couture collection was inspired by AAVVA designers’ passion for architecture which has been a signature dress for the brand. The crystal embroideries are meticulously designed and put into places to create a beautiful masterpiece.

AAVVA creates a lot of designs with the crystals made precisely for a special event or based on customer preferences.

AAVVA Swarovski Sparkling design was also showcased during Altaroma Fashion Show Last 2017.

The Altaroma Collection charmingly speaks with royalty and perfection. Highlighting the word “Qadosh” in Hebrew language meaning “Holy” wherein women are envisioned sacred and marked with sovereignty.


The inspiration started from traditional western design dresses enhanced with deep and conservative Arabic fashion through capes, embroideries and maxi length dresses. The High-end Neoprene fabric is mainly used for dresses to show the form and shape of the body to bring the further feminine look and making the couture comfortably elegant.


Conceptualized through simple designs inspired by modern women. AAVVA believes that simplicity is the best women’s asset, with the bridal satin fabric, simple elegance of true beauty reveals.


The brand’s never-ending enthusiasm lies within a desire to create something that necessitates the body; and as it continues, the imagination broadens into a greater artistic approach, maneuvering Geometrical insight that complements shapes, volumes, and curves.

The collection highlights the blending of Geometry with contemporary designs and classic aura of Luisa Marchesa Casati. An Italian heiress, muse, and patroness of Art in early 20th-century Europe who envisioned her life as “A living work of art”.  Some of the pieces from the collection were extracted from her strange taste of fashion, fierceness and peculiar schemes in expressing herself.

The gowns, dresses, and jumpsuits in the collection have details that are exaggerated and strangely created with unusual designs to carry out alluring high-end silhouettes for women. The silhouettes mainly incorporated with styles of ball gowns, modified A-lines, trumpet and mermaid cuts.

The main colors used in the collection are- Black, White, Lavender, Browns (Toffee, toasted coconut), Lilac/Fuchsia, Pinks, Mustard and hints of red and blues in the form of floral.

Designs are created with fabrics that include- Taffeta, woven Jacquard with Big floral prints, Satin, Chiffon, and Velvet. The subtle tone of Embroidery, big bows, Flowy trails, pleats, and high waistlines are the main features highlighted. Dresses are entirely made of tulle fabrics tucked into sunburst pleats. Some of them are completely see-through; shapes and curves are complemented into a bare-skinned motif; Voluminous skirts and tops that are emphasized into the eccentricity of designs as prominent features of the collection.


With the belief that fashion is beyond outfit, AAVVA always creates with art and the perception usually focused on trends. Ramadan is a huge occasion in this wondrous city and to celebrate with the clients, the main vision for the collection was to create something that women can wear during iftars, family special events at the same time, making sure to create pieces that promote extraordinary fashion.


Ramadan traditional wear will never go out of style. Kaftan, Abaya, Jalabiya Long skirts and dresses, AAVVA at its finest, now unveils a whisk of the new era “RAMADAN X STREET“.

Extracted from Dubai’s Arabian culture made with a twist of modish festivity. This season, AAVVA takes a step into the street fashion, bringing a sophisticated combination of traditional outfits with modern street vibes.

Marked with the revolutionary spirit of women, the brand has its own identity of mixing the elements in one creation, as it embodies a powerful beauty of the millennial. The collection goes beyond the ideal style for Ramadan outfits, from immense feminine silhouettes to maximum level of luxurious vibes packed in one divine package.

The designer contemplated a new way of wearing traditional outfits through colorful fabrics swaying on the streets. AAVVA’s Ramadan Collection Special mostly consists of free-flowing chiffon fabrics, sparkling fluffy sleeves neoprene tops, electric pleated glossy skirts and modern kaftan made of cotton crepe fabrics. This fashionably chic women’s streetwear is so perfect for your casual social gatherings.

AAVVA Dubai’s Luxury Dresses and RTW pieces are available at ROBINSONS DUBAI FESTIVAL CITY and HOUSE OF FRASER/ YASMALL ABU DHABI, UAE. 

AAVVA new fashion Boutique ATELIER AAVVA is located at CITY WALK DUBAI . Discover the luxurious collections of Gowns and Dresses designed by AAVVA FASHION.

For online orders and further information, please email: info@aavvafashion.com



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