How to Choose Pants Perfect For Your Body Shape

Choosing the right pants makes a huge difference, it compliments the lower body by giving a great fit and better look. If you’re spending too much time, like 2-5 hours, at the mall or feeling stressed out while browsing online just to look for perfect pants for you, well you might choose wrong because you are not sure of what to pick. Having a hard time deciding on certain things causes exhaustion and it means that you are overwhelmed with a lot of trending options.

Girl, don’t over stress yourself. Here’s the deal, being fashionable doesn’t mean you need to follow the trends today.

Just remember what Oscar Dela Renta said,

“Being fashionable is the trend. The style lives within yourself”

Choosing what’s best for you is the most important, the first thing you should do, or should I say the perfect thing to do before you decide what to wear is to identify your body shape.


    If you have a pear body shape, your waist is wider than your bust, you have full hips with narrow shoulders. The best pants perfect for you is the usual Bootcut and Flare Trousers.

Pear Shape Body

Since your feature compliments more of your hips, the wide bottom and the flare of the pants spice up the shape of your body. The lower part of the pants curves wider than other usual types of pants, which create spaces between the legs. 

The lower part of the pants curves wider than other usual types of pants, which create spaces between the legs. The best thing to do is to wear wedges and pumps it bring elevation to your body and make you look chic and taller while you carry the style.

 Bootcut pants and wedges available in Dubai UAE

1 Levi’s Bootleg Cut Jeans | 2 Urban Bootcut Jeans |3 Tommy Hilfiger |4 Marie Claire Wedges | 5 Josef Seibel Wedges | 6 Braided Platform Wedges

For the upper part, your best asset is your neckline and your arms. To complete your look, if you’re going to wear plain bootcut, pair it with flare sleeves top or a trendy bishop to emphasize your arms and make your body look longer.


 girl walking on the runway wearing white jumpsuitAAVVA Bootcut | AAVVA Frida Bishop sleeves| Glitter Wedge Pumps | Shiny Pumps | Velveteen Pumps

You can also pair Flare pants with off shoulder, crop tops, and if you love colors and patterns, just make sure that you go for plain with patterns, or plain with plains just like the outfits below.


Flare Pants |Bysi Blue Off Shoulder Crop Top | Animal Prints Flare Pants


If you’re one of the strongly built athletics, your shoulders, your collarbone, and/or your arms is your number 1 asset. Your figure is popularly known as the supermodel body, straight figure, or muscular one. Most of the fashion designer’s or clothing lines choose a model who has this figure. Since it does not have a well-defined waistline, the body tends to look straight which emphasize the clothes even more. Here’s what you should wear to achieve more of your supermodel and powerful look.

What pants to wear with your athletic built?

Your body is the best to dress, perfect pants for you is usually the wide leg, palazzos, Jagger pants, and pegged trousers.

Discover more about palazzos:

Best Selling Palazzos at Ebay

These are best selling Palazzo pants at DressLily


 <img src=THE MODIST

ARJÉ‎ Palazzo Trousers| Zere Pegged Pants |‎CLU‎ Jogger Pants

Avoid wearing clothes that highlight your waist and make your body shapeless. Wear high-waisted or mid-rise baggy jeans. It will lengthen the look of stocky legs and hips, hug the smallest part of your waist as well.



An athletic figure looks best when the style is drawing attention to their arms, defined shoulders and showing off their waist.

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If you have inverted triangle body shape, your shoulder is wider than your hips and have a straight ribcage. You have a proportionally larger upper body. Your Broad shoulders, flat hips, and bottoms are the main highlight of your body.
What pants are perfect for your body shape?

You need to consider your lower body when choosing what to wear. Trousers that widen your hips and highlights your butt, to tag along with your broad shoulders. Jogger Pants for women has a feature that is best for your look as well as stylish cropped wide and harem pants that you can style with your fitted tops.

harem and jogger pantsGinger Jogger Pants| AAVVA High Waist Harem|H&M Harem Pants

Harem Pants  | Cropped Pants |Palazzo | Floral Palazzo

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Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 11.11.09 AMSlim limbs and arms, specifically wide shoulders and weight gather around your midriff strong characteristic of this body type. The appearance of a bigger bust and protruding stomach, at times.

If you naturally have a smaller bust, then weight can gather around your midriff. Though your top is, the legs could be slimmer.

Mostly mid-age women have the figure which is visually no defined waistline and mainly categorized as plus size. But no worries, you can fashionably customize your look by wearing the right pants.

What to wear?

You should choose pants that cover and stretch for your tummy, that may look like a slim waist. Boot cut, thighs, trouser leg are best for you since your legs are perfect and one of your body highlights. Crepe Tapered Pants can make you look top-heavy.

Delpozo Palazzo Pants | Skinny Jeans




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