Min Ayn Home Decor Ideas You Need For Ramadan 2021

candle holders

During this period of COVID-19 pandemic, many people are restricted in their movements; but, if restrictions allow, we should always practice physical distancing and proper hand hygiene even during any exercise activity. Indoor physical actions and online transactions are open.

Since most of us are advised to stay at home, we’ve come up with an idea of designing your home interiors. These are beautiful home decor ideas that you’ll definitely love.

Light up the Room

Crescent Candle Holder

Candles symbolize faith and sympathetic practices which have become a tradition in every cultural and religious group. During Ramadan, many of the Muslims visit the mosques and congregate for longer prayers for tarawih and qiyam. You can also do prayers at home so that you don’t need to go out frequently.

Brass Fitted Candle Holder

Designed to hold tea light candles, fitted candle holders would make for an eye-catching centerpiece or place them on your coffee table, side table, or even countertops – these would look great in the right setting!

You can also create a multi-level structure of your home decor to avoid overwhelming any of your visitors. Get creative – you may even set the trend for lightings architecture!

Fancy Shadow and Light Patterns

Marble Oil Burner| Shell Shaped Decor | Marble Tray| Bottler with Led Lights

Gorgeous potpourri bowl with lid intricately crafted from marble. This is definitely a centerpiece that will add beauty to any room. It can also be used as a storage of jewelry, coins, or spices or use it as a candle holder.

Decorate with Handmade Tapestry

Handmade Tapestry

Tapestry Basically used in the Islamic world as flooring mosques and homes but you can make the home interiors look more stylish and elegant by choosing the best color and style. The tapestry was first used in ancient Egypt as shrouds in which to bury their dead. And later on,  up until now, traditionally used to decorate walls in the palaces of kings in the golden age of Islams.

Nowadays, for instance, we can also use tapestry as decoration on tables, walls, and floors. – enhancing the beauty of the house by triggering the rich history of every place and reduce the stress of today’s busy culture. It enlightens the human spirit, as well as it serves as a demonstration of one’s wealth.

Stylish Burning Incense

Marble Incense Holder With Pedestal

Gorgeous tea light candle holder with lid made of soapstone in the shape of pot handcrafted by skilled artisans from Agra. The wonderful openwork pattern allows the flicker of flame from your tea light to shine through and give a soft and gentle glow to your room.

Marble Pedestal Medieval Candle Holder

You can also use it as and Bakhoor holder, wherein it is one of the best practices in Arabian culture. Bakhoor has been a representation of hospitality and politeness among the guests. Most people saying that the longer the Bakhoor remains in a closed jar, the better the scent it produces.

Blue Pottery Incense Holder

Evoke your spirit and soul with a variety of incense sticks. Hold them on the beautiful blue pottery incense stick holder. Sculpted as a palm, the merchandise is quintessential and a must-have for your homes. The palm of the hand catches ashes as they fall and it is finely crafted this would add a traditional touch to your prayers.

The splendid appeal of this holder is sure to perfume everything around with sparkling charm and elegance. Fits great to hold small candles, also ideal to store rings and other precious little things. Please note that real colors may slightly differ from their appearance on your display. All pieces are nearly the same, but please consider that it’s handmade, so small differences are possible.

Organize the Kitchen and Dining For Iftar

Ramadan is not just about fasting but it is also about good food during iftar, and that is why it becomes special when serving food and eating with your friends and family. Decorating your home with beautiful kitchenware makes it more interesting and make sure to store the food in reliable storage.

Storage Organizer

A modern work of art on the fitted tile. 3 beautiful ceramic style tile adorn the top of the wooden box. A versatile wooden box, with a metallic hook as a clasp. The pretty box which can hold cutleries, remotes, combs, and accessories.

Storage Jars

The elegant design will give your tabletop a new look. The quality of the piece is high – end, the highly glazed and motif designed surface show highly skilled craftsmanship.

Serving Bowls For Table Top

This is an exquisite handmade ceramic bowl that will become your favorite among all the other dishes and serving items. Featuring a stunning floral motif, this bowl is painted in a deep, tranquil blue. It adds to the charm and class of the piece and can also be used to serve any type of food or snack!

Ceramic Serving Bowls

Don’t Forget Tea Time

Tea is a very rich source of anti-oxidants and has aromatherapeutic properties as well. Drinking herbal or low caffeinated beverages during and after iftar is recommended, and as a result, you will avoid dehydration on long, hot Ramadan days.

Mugs and Cups

A set of 6 ceramic teacups, hand-painted with a foliage pattern. The general ethnic feel of this set will bring a certain traditional temperament to your gatherings. If you are the type to have regular tea parties, this set is a good addition to your arsenal of teaware.

Mugs and Cups

Don’t just scroll away, go ahead and give these suggestions a shot.

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