Breathe Taking Couture Brands in Dubai

Fashion is one of the basics but the design is what makes it interesting and unique.

Dubai as one of the successful cities in the fashion design industry has it all. From the numbers of couture houses, fashion boutiques, tailoring services, and online eCommerce websites have been out-growing across the city, we wouldn’t deny how famous fashion industry in Dubai right now. Famous celebrities, influencers, tourists including elite people around the world, visit Dubai to shop for clothing and buy fancy outfits created by homegrown Dubai fashion designers.

As a woman, I’ve been so appreciative with dresses, gowns and has been a fan of couture fashion since younger and it was a dream come true having to work in one when I started my career as a writer in Dubai and as I continue my life here, working under fashion industry, I realized that “attention to details is all that matters.”

So come and join me, give your attention to these details as I list down and introduce one by one the couture fashion brands that made me fall in love over and over again.



A Filipino fashion designer who established his own couture label MICHEAL CINCO year 2003 and the studio is located at Dubai Design District .

Who wouldn’t love his masterpieces that have been seen all over the world and worn by famous personalities and celebrities like JLO  including the 2015 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzback.

His very own Impalpable Dream Collection has been one of the best creations I’ve ever seen in the fashion design industry. The trademark has been there once you see his works and the details are something no one can just imagine from time to time.





Another creation of a Filipino designer reigning in Dubai. 






Aiisha Ramadan






AAVVA Dubai’s Elegant Gowns And Dresses For All Special Occasions



Dubai is one of the fashion-forward city in the UAE that showcases different luxury fashion brands today and, it is normal that we are overwhelmed with a lot of options.

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