3 Natural Ways How To Treat Skin Hyperpigmentation


Mix 5 drops of tea tree oil with 8 ounces of water in a small spray bottle. Spray this on your underarms — and let it dry naturally, After drying off following your shower or bath.

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Aloe Vera Photography by pexels.com

Cut into a fresh leaf of aloe vera and extract the gel. Gently massage the Aloe Vera gel onto your underarms. Let it dry for about 20 minutes. Then, rinse it off with lukewarm water. Do this routine every night. If you cannot find organic leaves, You can also buy Aloe Vera Gel products at iherb and the bodyshop. ❤️❤️

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Lemon Photography by pexels.com

Cut thick slices of lemon and rub the slices on your underarms. After 10 minutes, rinse your armpits with cool water, dry them, and apply moisturizer. Repeat every other day before taking a bath.

Here’s How To Decorate Your Home This Year 2021

2020 has been a very frustrating year for most of us. But it taught us lessons that will always be remembered. One of those lessons is to prioritize our home. 

“Home, is where life resides”, some of us do not realize this, until now. The situation reminded us to prioritize our home and protect those people that consists of it. 

Even there are huge impact to most things specially those countries that are most affected, life continues. What we called as “the new normal” has become a new trend. As we felt like the world is starting to fall apart, hope has been established in spite of everything.

One of the things we did during this pandemic, is staying at home and it has been the best option since then.

With these all in our minds, let’s put 2020 behind and move forward to this year 2021 with raising hope and wider field of vision. We must continue living by uplifting our soul and creating more positive atmosphere, in which we could start from our own space.

Whatever you do, always focus on making your home a safe haven for the life lived inside.

Keep scrolling to learn how to keep enlightening the mood  at home this year.

1. Play with Hues

“Hues are the words of design” and it has a lot to say about the atmosphere inside the room; the tone of walls, the shade of floors, tint of fabrics, and the combination of decor used.

If you are a design junky; you might know this;  “Colors play a huge role in Human Psychology“. “The brighter and lighter a color, the more happy and optimistic it will make you feel.” 

This perspective is what we really need to start the year from the first and manage it all the way until the twelfth month. If your home has always  been decorated with minimalistic and dull hues, playing with colors must be a good idea for a whole room make over.

There are few things to consider:


This year, Pantone took the unusual step of naming two colors as their color of the year: Illuminating yellow, and Ultimate pale gray.

Pantone denotes, “The selection of two independent colors highlights how different elements come together to express a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting, conveying the idea that it’s not about one color or one person.”

Image Inspiration: Pinterest

Something that reminds us about the Yin Yang concept in which describes all aspect within the situation of the pandemic, this two tone color perspective pertains to the combination that ties to insight, innovation and intuition, and respect for wisdom, experience, and intelligence inspired regeneration, pressing us forward toward new ways of thinking in spite of the distressful circumstances.

Image Inspiration: Pinterest

In interior design, using two tone theme can be the best option this year to neutralize the mood inside the room, and lessen dullness at home. Using dark with lighter tone to outline the spaces can be the one thing to consider to improve the color scheme. This styling are mostly used for small space room to maximize the space and make it look bigger and organized, using the two tone hues can also lessen construction of wall divider across the room.

You can always use contrast festive colors that could make the room brighter and less boring. 

Image Inspiration:: Pinterest

But if you would like to stick with your favorite dark tone color, you can use the same color and mix it with the mixture of white.

You can also combine three or more color of interiors as long as it creates a festive hues inside your home. 

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The flooring plays a huge part at home, it serves as the design ground of your house. Shade of floors must always match color of the walls to make the design punctual and soothing to the eyes.

Always choose contrast color on floors to create a neutralized concept.

interior design flooring

Min Ayn Home Tapestry Candle Holder

Image Inspiration: Pinterest

The space between the hallway and entry door of your room can create an impression too. You can always use the same shade to maximize space inside the house. The brighter color of floor creates a spacious illusion across both areas and expresses the unity of design to the theme.

shade of floors

Image: Min Ayn Home | Notebooks | Vases

Image Inspiration: Pinterest

Image Inspiration: Pinterest

or you can also use different shade from the same color scheme to mix and match the elements of design. You go by colorful industrial theme (wood like flooring) or go by a classy look flooring. Epoxy and Resin Art flooring is a new trend nowadays, you can choose either one or both, mixture of two chemicals are possible and are durable to use for floorings.

Image Inspiration: Pinterest

Image Inspiration: Epoxy Concrete Floors or Resin flooring

Epoxy Resin is also used to manufacture Home Decoration too,  and are very in demand to the market nowadays because of durability and the artistic design that it brings.

Image Inspiration: Min Ayn Home


The Beddings, curtains, rugs, cushion covers, table cloth or all the fabrics used, play important role to accessorize your home. 

If you go by neutral walls, choose colorful decor to highlight the area. You may combine all neutrals with festive or neon colors to create a lively space.

Image Inspiration: Pinterest

In 2020, the people has been very supportive with local businesses who produce traditional designs made by hands. This includes those local artists and artisans who create to showcase cultural aspect designs.

indian cushion cover

Image Inspiration: Handmade Cushion Covers

If you go by plain neutral color of sofas, or sheets, you can combine earthly tones with it such us; moss green, dark green, brown, or umber color. Printed cushion covers always look best with plain neutral furniture. Especially handmade cushion covers that are consist of colorful designs and patterns.  

Image Inspiration: Min Ayn Home | Tapestry | Cushion Cover


Combining decor in same theme can be challenging, you need to pay attention to color schemes as well. Color impacts all aspects when it comes to designing, especially in decorating your home. Perfect matched decorative items are very attractive for the eyes. Since the decor is the highlight of your home, always choose a decor that contrast the color of walls and furniture.

You can mix and match decor at one room to another, as long as it  remains into the spotlight, or you may go by set of decor that matches your theme.

Light Neutral wall styled with dark neutral wall decor set- Decorative Plates

Even the situation has gone “pear shaped”, nothing can stop you from creating a beautiful home. Since we are all hooked up to the fact that nothing is a safer place than home, we also think that nothing is safer place to cook or eat than home. You’re probably spending much time in your kitchen nowadays and  that is why you must pay attention on creating your dream kitchen.

Most kitchen decoration always come in sets, aside from the fact that it makes your space neat and organized, the thought of having set of collection makes your home very interesting and well themed. 

set of tea cups

Image Inspiration: Min Ayn Home | TablewareYou can always put unique design and shape of decor to make your space interesting.

Image Inspiration: Min Ayn Home | Tableware

When it comes to decorating your home, always choose decor that play with your theme color scheme, the color combination is essential. That’s why it is very important to consider your color context before you start decorating your home. Try checking out these articles to learn more about it.

Neutral walls combined with earthly tone decor


Image Inspiration: Min Ayn Home | Vases | Wall Art Decor

Neutral walls emphasize split complementary color scheme or any darker shade decor.

2. Decorate with Indoor Plants

Indoor trees and plants are going to continue their ascent into home design mainstay. They freshen indoor air, bring the clarity and calm of nature indoors, act like sculpture on a shelf or table top, and caring for them is grounding and life affirming. Developing a collection of interior plants wins on all levels: Aesthetic, functional and mental.” — Emilie Munroe

indoor plants

Image Source: Planter

indoor plants

 Mugs Cushion Cover | Marble Inlay | Planter

Houseplants has been in demand since the pandemic. Many people believed that they are good for health specially in the situation we are going through right now. Experts indicate that plants improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15 percent!), reduce stress levels and boost your mood — making them perfect for not just your home but your work space, too.

Since plants need carbon dioxide from us to grow, in exchange, they produce oxygen for us to to breathe. They are not only a decoration to the environment but they also freshen up the air, and eliminate harmful toxins. The fact that we are trying hard to keep our home a safer place, this home decor trend might be  beneficial to our health environment at home.

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3. Brighten up the House

Brightening up your space can be challenging, whether it is be a major renovation or just simple redecoration, the secret is to find the perfect combination.

How to brighten up your space without major renovation, depends on how you style your home decoration.

Decorate with lights.

When you choose for the perfect spot to place your center decor make sure to highlight it with the led lights on.

 Image Source: Center Decor

Choose Decor with words and quotes.

Brightening up the house doesn’t always pertains to colors and lights you put. Sometimes words can be the best expression of how you feel. Art decor creates an interesting ambiance to your space, it expresses the need for attraction and promotes positive mood at home.

Image Source: Wall Decor

The brighter the art, the brighter the interior. 

While dim light rooms are cozy, adding vibrant artwork will elevate the mood and look of the space.

Image Source: Wall Decor

A bold pink art decor combined with neutral theme bedroom.

Colorful Printed Accent Decor combined with neutral walls and ceilings.

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4 Truths You Must Accept To Be Truly Happy This Year 2021

One of the things that we people have in common, is our desire to be happy.

Everything we ever wanted in life is to be happy.

Who never wanted to be happy?

Ed Diener said, “Happiness is not just a place but also a process. … Happiness is an ongoing process of fresh challenges, and… it takes the right attitudes and activities to continue to be happy.”

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The Art Of Luxury Interiors; Marble Inlay For Home Decoration

What is Marble Inlay?

Inlay is the technique of putting designs or patterns onto the surfaces of objects, which is processed by putting materials such as crystals, beads, precious stones, gold, or silver into the surface of the marble.

One of the most attractive traditional work of art that comes from marble is “Marble Inlay” work. The process involves engraving marble shapes manually in intricate patterns. It is the same work that adorns the  famous Taj Mahal in Agra, India and other monuments located in India.  

marble inlay taj mahal india

Photo from: Pinterest

Nowadays, Marble Inlay becomes famous as luxury Decor for home, restaurant and hotels around the world because of the intricate designs and very delicate feature.

Photo from: Pinterest

Marble Inlay are commonly used for interior and exterior concept design for floorings, ceilings and walls. 

Photo from: Stone Contact

Variety of artistic traditional patterns, floral or geometrical design engraved on the marble slab, and those small stone pieces are precisely fit inside the cut edges of marble. Color combination of each pieces can be artistically created depend on shades based on the elements like crystals or precious stones designs to be used. Apart from stones or crystals, many other materials can also be used to embellish the marble inlay spaces, mostly used to combine the finish product to stainless steel or high quality wood piece to maintain the luxurious feels.

Marble Inlay As Home Decor Collection

Furniture:  Marble Inlay Stainless Steel Side Table

marble inlay stainless steel side table

Marble Inlay Stainless Steel Side Table

Marble Inlay Design techniques are developed overtimes as Decor and Furniture. This lovely marble inlay tabletop from minayn home was artistically crafted by hands and attached to a strong metallic frame, with polished gold finish, combined together for a sturdy and durable stand that is sure to add a dimension of beauty and elegance to any home decor.

marble inlay stainless steel table

Shop Marble Inlay Plates

 Detachable Marble Table Top attached with the stainless steel finished as durable metal stand. 

Storage: Marble Inlay Storage Box

marble inlay storage box

Marble Inlay Plates & Trays

Made of finest Indian marble, this hand-carved inlay marble box has Mughal design adorned on it. The item represents the fine carving as seen on the Taj Mahal. This box can be used as a jewelry holder, gift item or to hold your knick-knacks. 

Storage: Marble Inlay Trinket Bowls

marble inlay storage trinket box

Shop Marble Inlay Box

Each of these marble inlay boxes is handmade and contains marble stone boxes inlaid with semi-precious stones like the malachite, mother of pearl, agnate, Italian stones, jasper, etc.

Shop Marble Inlay Decor

Decorative Marble Tray are made with utility bowls with lids and the iinlay work is design as embossed with Meenakari and Kundan work with gold paint finish for a graceful look.

Tabletop Decor:  Marble Inlay Plates and Trays

marble home decor

Shop Marble Inlay Plates

The white marble inlay tray is a fine art piece made by the artisan. You can see the details in the pictures that how beautifully the design is made with the natural semiprecious stones.

round marble inlay plate

Shop Marble Inlay Plates

It is a beautiful piece that creates a stunning color contrast on Coffee Table/Dinner Table for serving food or drinks or as a beautiful decorative piece that could display anywhere in your home. The marble inlay tray is made in Agra India & fully handmade. To maintain the marble tray simply clean it with soap & water & dry cotton cloth.

marble inlay square plates

Shop Marble Inlay Plates

Marble Inlay Plates are elegant as tabletop decorations. Serving tray or platters are one among the crucial components of the dining table; they offer versatile function while serving foods. Place these pure marble serving tray on the table to enhance the room ambiance. With floral blue and white inlay work, it is a perfect additional hint of luxury to your home.

marble decorations

Shop Marble Inlay Plates

The plate is an ideal add on to your home decor. Decorative as well as functional, the marble plate is meticulously crafted for a precision fit and fully polished for a bright and smooth finish with extra care towards every single detail.

black marble plate

Shop Black Marble Inlay Plates

Aesthetically coordinated floral patterns characterize this enchanting plate made with pure, gleaming black marble. An example of the fine art of Marble Inlay, this design depicts the beauty of the flora of northern India and the royalty of the Mughal era. Brought to the country hundreds of years ago by Persian craftsmen, this is a creative rendition of a time that appreciated, valued and encouraged unconventionally beautiful art forms. This decorative yet practical plate exudes style and class, occupying the best spot on your dresser, center table or dining table.


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3 Powerful Ways How To Deal With Money Envy

Envy is the cause of a person’s greed. The problem with most people they are never satisfied. That’s why they never stop getting what they want.
Specifically, with money, this is one of the most common things that people have to deal with.
Nowadays, money became one of the basic needs. We cannot deny how money can make the world go round. Having money makes you want more of it.

“Greed isn’t about a financial issue, it’s a heart issue”. – Andy Stanley

Living is not easy, that’s why most people think that money can solve their suffering. Yes, with money you can buy the things you need, with money you’ll become powerful and successful and so you could live happily ever after – that’s the reality of life. However. it doesn’t mean it can buy Life.

Life is about having true happiness, and true happiness is priceless.
True happiness comes from the heart. Not from material things.

I guess that’s why people develop the “Love of Money”. [Slow clap]

Have you ever experience true happiness in life?
If you’re envious because of money, I doubt it.
We are living inside a needy world full of temptation. We cannot take away the fact that money plays the biggest part of our lives. Therefore, we technically develop earthly feelings such as envy and no matter how I see it, being envious can ruin a person’s life; his relationship, career, and integrity, even his way of thinking.
Guess what? we can never stop this feeling…now and then we will have to deal with this kind of emotional issue, but we will always have a choice of how to react to it.

Here are 3 powerful ways how to deal with envy…

1. Always ask yourself, WHY?

The most important thing to do while dealing with a poisonous emotion is to know your intentions.
Why money is a big deal for me? Why do I need more money? Why am I being envious? Why am I feeling this way?
I’ve been watching the news recently, and I noticed that most crimes nowadays involve money. A woman got stabbed to death just to get her bag. A family was killed inside their own house, for robbery. People, most of the time, are being brought up with the fact that money can solve everything. Regardless of why they did such a thing; the main reason would be poverty.
A high level of envy can be found in those who experience poverty or difficulties. Simple feeling that can possibly result in a hilarious crime. Envy is a belief that you lack something and you have to do everything to have it. That’s why we impulsively take action to achieve it.
I believe that everything has a reason. Being envious is a strong negative emotion that could poison our minds without realizing it. In money, the good reason comes with good intentions. When you ask yourself why make sure to be true to yourself. If your motives are clear, guilt will automatically come out in its own way. Remember, guilt can decide even in the hardest decision of our lives.
When your guilt speaks, listen to it. Regardless of who you are, the money will always be part of your needs. That’s why you always have to listen to your guilt.
When I was studying in college, my mom was working regularly but her salary was just enough for our everyday living; enough to pay the monthly electric bill, water bill, and the food we eat. In short, money used to be enough just for our needs. Growing up is hard, without money it’s really hard to achieve your dreams. There was a time that I wasn’t able to pay my tuition fee to the fact that I didn’t have a chance to take my midterm exam. It was really upsetting. I got really envious of other students, including my friends. That was the first time I started to ask myself why am I being like this?
That time, I am pretty sure it’s because of money. When I ask myself why my motives became clear. My guilt came on its way and gave me a chance to decide between two options. Right or Wrong. At the same time, I got the privilege to ask myself a follow-up question, “What am I going to do about it?” And then, I decided to be a working student until I graduated.

2. Learn to be COMPASSIONATE

Some people who have problems with money are having a hard time being compassionate most of the time. To tell you the truth, it is really hard to be compassionate when you’re in the midst of suffering.
Try not to look at other people, look at yourself. We all have desires and it’s a normal emotion that human beings have to deal with but it’s very important to know if these things are reasonable enough for us to tolerate. The more you look away and see other people, the more you are moving away from the real desire your heart.

Try seeing yourself on other people shoes, how are they feeling. And before your greed consumes you, try to picture things on their perspective, how would they feel when something bad happen. If you learn to be compassionate, you’ll learn to manage your greed.

3. Count the things you already have that money cannot buy.

Focus on great moments to share with people not planting negative emotions towards them.
Envy can result in serious behavioral issues, unfriendliness toward people that can create gaps between you and them. Learn to live life with guilt, content, and selflessness.
The biggest treasure in life is not the things that you can put a price on, it is the Life itself and the life of the people around you. You just have to remind yourself every now and then.
There is nothing wrong to pursue money but you should learn to embrace it by having a goal not only for yourself.

And that’s how I think you can stop being envious and start becoming genuinely happy.

Breathe Taking Couture Brands in Dubai

Fashion is one of the basics but the design is what makes it interesting and unique.

Dubai as one of the successful cities in the fashion design industry has it all. From the numbers of couture houses, fashion boutiques, tailoring services, and online eCommerce websites have been out-growing across the city, we wouldn’t deny how famous fashion industry in Dubai right now. Famous celebrities, influencers, tourists including elite people around the world, visit Dubai to shop for clothing and buy fancy outfits created by homegrown Dubai fashion designers.

As a woman, I’ve been so appreciative with dresses, gowns and has been a fan of couture fashion since younger and it was a dream come true having to work in one when I started my career as a writer in Dubai and as I continue my life here, working under fashion industry, I realized that “attention to details is all that matters.”

So come and join me, give your attention to these details as I list down and introduce one by one the couture fashion brands that made me fall in love over and over again.



A Filipino fashion designer who established his own couture label MICHEAL CINCO year 2003 and the studio is located at Dubai Design District .

Who wouldn’t love his masterpieces that have been seen all over the world and worn by famous personalities and celebrities like JLO  including the 2015 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzback.

His very own Impalpable Dream Collection has been one of the best creations I’ve ever seen in the fashion design industry. The trademark has been there once you see his works and the details are something no one can just imagine from time to time.





Another creation of a Filipino designer reigning in Dubai. 






Aiisha Ramadan






You’ll Love These Women’s Coats And Jackets From H&M Fashion

Who doesn’t love H&M Fashion?

Me? I love the H&M brand so here I am writing about their products, since this is winter season here in UAE, along with my interest about shopping and fashion, I am also looking for outfits that definitely suit me, I’ve listed down these outfit to help you decide, just in case you will buy online H&M outfits, they have free delivery if you order above 199 AED, they are also convenient because they have easy return policy online and to all store near you. Click and collect options on the H&M website is also available.

If you are looking for something to wear while traveling? Smart outfit at work? Outdoor Activities? or just for everyday comfy during this cold season. Let’s check out these fashionable outfits from H&M Fashion perfect for 2020 OOTD.


Fux Coat Fur Jacket perfect for the winter season, especially when you are traveling and want to stay fashionable at the same time, comfortable clothes are for you.

Wool-blend bouclé coat

This Coat in soft bouclé made from a wool blend in a gently rounded shape that tapers to the hem. Notch lapels, buttons down the front and welt side pockets. Dropped shoulders, long sleeves, and a single back vent. (H&M Website)

wool blend jacket

Photo Credit: H&M Fashion


Stay warm and comfy with H&M Puffer Jacket, the padded jacket that is made of a woven fabric with a stand-up collar, zip down the front, side pockets, and an elasticated drawstring at the hem.

Zippers are high quality, high neck collar style so perfect for cold weather.

Puffer Jacket.jpg

Photo Credit: H&M Puffer Jacket

puffer jacket 1.jpg

Photo Credit: H&M Puffer Jacket

H&M Pile Jacket

Pile jackets are perfect for outdoor wear. Straight-cut jacket in a soft pile with a high collar and chunky zip down the front. Jetted handwarmer pockets, concealed pockets at the bottom of the side seams and low dropped shoulders. Slightly longer at the back. (H&M).


Photo Credits:H&M Pile Jackets

Floral Dresses You Need To Add In Your Wardrobe

For a woman, wearing a dress is timeless and Floral is never just a seasonal outfit for women, for it adds femininity to your look and basically an improvised OOTD of all times though you won’t be needing any dazzling accessories just to look sassy!




Halter neck dresses are the perfect choice to wear during casual events and occasions. The halter-style adds emphasis on your shoulder, especially when you have thin figure it makes you look slimmer and taller.



Fill your wardrobe with fashionable and festive on the go maxi dresses.  A halterneck backless and a split hemline, better pair it with some strappy heels to achieve a sassy chic look!






MILANOO | Navy Maxi Dress Halter Sleeveless Floral Printed Slit Long Dress For Women



For those who love classics, vintage floral dresses are so much in! Sometimes the victorian era is the sexiest age, while you don’t have to show more of your skin but the style shows sophisticated aura, stronger than ever..


MILANOO | Vintage Floral Dress Rose Sleeveless Belt Retro Midi Dress



MILANOO | Vintage Floral Dress 1950s Long Sleeve Jacquard Women Swing Dress



MILANOO | Vintage Floral Dress 1950s Long Sleeve Tie Waist Women Party Dress


See more Vintage dresses in MILANOO





MILANOO | Bohemian Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress



MILANOO | Boho Summer Dress Women Blue Long Sleeve Straps Cold Shoulder Printed Slip Dress

Halter Floral Dress

MILANOO | Boho Floral Dress Off Shoulder Women High Low Summer Dress





MILANOO | Boho Maxi Dress Black Floral Printed Off The Shoulder Short Sleeve Slit Long Dress






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7 Reasons Why You Should Be Grateful

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What To Wear During Ramadan In UAE

Ramadan 2019 is about to start. For Muslim Countries like UAE, It is known as the most respectful time of the year and observed by people in the Middle East Countries which they consider as the ninth month of Islamic Hijri Calendar, and the holy month in which the Quran was revealed to the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

Ramadan 2019 will start on May 05 and ends till June 4. People in the UAE are expected to be more respectful to Muslim tradition and culture. Even the expats and tourists should contemplate about the rules during these times especially in public.

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How can we change the way we communicate for the better?

After letting us explore the menu for a couple of minutes, the waiter came back. Expecting we have decided the food we want to order, he asked: “Can I take your order, please

But kyrie, my daughter, was getting into a tantrum over an online game she was playing on her iPad. Instead of telling the waiter that we want two orders of pancakes, cheeseburger, fries, and soda. I responded:

“Uhm, do you have WiFi? What’s the password?”

He smiled then he pointed to their signage:
Sorry. No WiFi. Talk to each other.


What is wrong if the first thing I look for in a restaurant or coffee shop is WiFi? What is wrong if I always find hotspots? What is wrong if I have more friends on the Internet than in real life? What is wrong if I am online 24 hours a day on Facebook? What is wrong if we spend 3 minutes taking photos of the food and upload it on Facebook or Instagram before we eat it? How can technology be the enemy?

Technology can be defined as applications, instruments or processes that enhance or simplify the aspects of everyday life. They say that we are now living in a wireless world.

Nowadays, the Internet is the best way to keep in touch with a lot of people almost wherever we happen to be at the same time. It seems pretty obvious that technology has changed human relations in the past few decades. Most of the people from all over the world now use Facebook, Twitter, Google groups, Instagram to exchange messages, photographs or videos with family, friends, colleagues, or sometimes, with your boss.

The widespread use of smartphones, the rise of the Internet, and the advent of social media have changed the way we work, the way we live and the way we make and maintain friendships. We live in a world where we are accustomed to being connected to the Internet at all times.

woman holding white ceramic mug looking at her cellphone
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

The Internet is just part of our lives now and seems to be one of the human basic needs. It’s almost impossible to go out without wanting to have the Internet. We are all wired 24 hours a day. Before the Internet came into existence, if you wanted to speak to a friend who isn’t in the same room as you, you would have to call them on a phone. Or if you wanted to send them a note you had to send a letter through snail mail. But now, it’s so easy to just send a message on Facebook or Whatsapp instantaneously.

The principal advantage of the Internet is its capability to connect billions of computers and devices to each other. It creates convenience in sharing and receiving information between users through automation. For instance, with the Internet came the convenience of online shopping. Rather than having to drive to a mall, you can now do all of your shopping with a few clicks of the mouse. Nowadays, online banking is practically the norm too. You can now pay your bills, transfer funds or just check your balance online. Everything is fast and convenient, but some people see the problems that can come with the technology. The narrative is pushed that smartphones and tablets are turning us into anti-social screen gazers who are more interested in the wired world than the world that surrounds us. Teenagers spend huge portions of their day distracted by the virtual reality afforded by social media, a habit, an addiction that can affect school and work. At home, things are changing too. Some people, instead of talking to his or her spouse, parents, children or relatives, prefer to use Social Networking during breakfast, after lunch or even at night. In the street, it’s quite common to see people using their iPhones or smartphones. We no longer speak with our neighbors. You can also see people doing that at the bus stop or train stations. At work, sometimes, colleagues would rather prefer to send a private message via the internet than to have a conversation over a cup of coffee, for instance. Indeed, human relationships have become more impersonal. Some argue that we don’t truly enjoy real life anymore because everything happens just in the cyber world.

apps business cellphone cellular telephone
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Today, we have a universal fear that technology controls our lives rather than vice versa. This fear is not entirely misplaced, but the real question is whether technology should actually be viewed as the enemy? Technology has indeed changed the way we communicate, but it has not eliminated communication. And that is good news.

The Internet does not hurt people. In fact, nothing really changes. We still interact like what we used to do twenty years ago when we used to read newspapers more. Technology, the Internet, Social media have actually improved and augmented our relationships, rather than undermined them. Online communication does not replace traditional offline forms of interaction. Instead, it adds on to them, making the overall frequency of communication better. Email and social media communications are not better or worse than in-person ones. They are just different. The Internet contributes extra features in such a way as to improve, enhance or emphasize interaction and communication.

But of course, anything that we use abusively is bad and not healthy. These technologies will only be of greater use if we know how to use them properly. Everything has to be balanced by being a responsible user. Live and enjoy life to the fullest.