Helpful Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the best days to express your love, gratitude and appreciation for a special someone. So I’ve sorted out ideas to help you out in the long run just to make sure everything comes smoothly on this wonderful occasion.

Even you are going out on a date or just exchanging greetings this coming Valentine’s Day, it’ll always be extra special if you prepare something or give something special too!

Ever heard of the phrase, “It’s the thought that counts”?

When you give a gift, make sure that the item become meaningful to the recipient.

Here are some quick gift ideas for you this Valentine’s Day!


Whatever it is that you shop for gifts, always remember that giving your precious time to your precious people is what matters most. Literally, time is one of the best gift ever  to someone or to your family this Valentine’s Day.

In other thoughts, he or she might also appreciate an interesting gift like; wall clocks to hang on room walls. I mean, who would have thought about this idea when most people are so used of checking the time on their phone?
Hence, giving such gift like wall clocks, can change moods of people in a positive perspective.

Nowadays, Wall Clocks are pretty old school. I mean, who cares?
Wall Clock is not just for room decoration, but it also reminds us to get back to basics.

When you choose a clock as a gift, it seems like you are about give them the opportunity to prioritize time, to live longer while notifying them that it’s time to put the gadgets down.

Checking the time means, you’ll just have to look up, because you know, you have a wall clock. 


Handmade gifts are the best choice when it comes to gifting. These are the ones that truly express love!

Some people really love the thought about these handmade items, and some are not. But one thing for sure, handmade gift will always be a significant beautiful one, because it is an art made out of love.

You can do it yourself so it can be less expensive, or you can buy these items online with Min Ayn Home. They sell a lot of interesting handmade gift ideas you can choose from, and of course always affordable for any ages.

I’ll be writing more about handmade items soon, for the mean time, you can find more Gift ideas here:


If you want to give something very personal, notebooks are one of the best! Most people love to write, and they probably love it specially if these are handmade notebook with fashionable designs. Notebooks are perfect gifts for your friends too!

And for those who doesn’t like writing much, well of course, it will be also useful too! Why? because with a simple gift like notebook, this may encourage one’s spirit, motivate them to express thoughts privately and give them a pinch not to use mobile writing apps or notepad on the computer all the time. 


Yoga bags are very cute and thoughtful gift for people you truly care a lot. Specially, for someone who loves yoga exercise, this might be very useful. And for those who’s been planning to take yoga classes but doesn’t know how to start, this can be a decision making tool for him or her to pursue it! 😍

As a matter of fact, when you decide to start yoga classes, the first thing you’ll do is to buy a yoga mat and bag anyway!

When you give someone a handmade yoga mat bags, it’s like you’re encouraging him or her to live with a healthy mind and body. There’s nothing more thoughtful than that. 😃

You can also give them wooden trinket bowls, jewelry storage, handmade wall art tapestry, candle holders and many more.


The wisest decision when buying gifts is choosing the gift sets. Not just to save more money, but also to preserve the whole beauty and unity of decor that can be only seen in sets.  

handmade decor


Neatly organize items in your bathroom, vibrant colors and designs make it a must-have in every home. that’s why gift sets are the best gift ideas on every occasions. Buying set of products like decor or scented candles will be a sleek addition to every bathroom or powder room and can be a perfect gift and every women love.


Oh yes, that’s right! Flowers in vases, why? because flowers are so common gifts! And, this might become a boring gift specially when you always give them to the same person every year.

Why don’t make it extra special and buy the vase too? What a very ironic idea, right?

Setting up the flowers and keeping it in right place is very important. Anyway, it’ll be a more thoughtful gift when you give them vases too, since flowers don’t stay fresh longer but the beauty of vases may last for years. This can be a very wise gift ever for your wife or mom too!  🤩

You can find more Gift ideas here:

Handmade Gift Ideas You’ll Surely Love!

Are you looking for gift ideas for your loved ones? These are handmade artistry that you’ll surely love!


blue pottery home decor vases

Embracing local craftsmanship in an age of mechanization, Blue Pottery Collection thoughtfully creates a festive ambiance to your home. The collection reflects a strong commitment to heritage, quality, and beauty, as well as dedication to a more sustainable lifestyle. These vases can surely beautify home interiors, the combination of the designs can bring the ambiance alive. Festive colors are very important in decorating your home, if you prefer printed décor these vases are perfect to you Home DIY project.

handmade diaries and notebooks


This Journal is made from Handmade Paper with colorful Indian Sari Fabric cover. Perfect to use as your diary, sketchbook, for your projects and ideas. Perfect to carry in your purse for everyday musings. There is a wrap-around cord that goes around the journals and gives them a very handmade look. These traditional diaries are the perfect gift for your friends, relatives, and office colleagues.

Handpainted Terracotta Home Decor(Pots, Miniature or Planters)

Terracotta is not only made as a planters but can also be made as a toothpick holder and a lampshade. The beautiful earthen toothpick holder has been painted in Warli art with a contrasting border in red which gives it an ethnic look. It can be placed on your dining table as an accessory to enhance the table décor. 

Terracotta Lampshades

Want to express your love for traditional and conventional art? Why choose classic range of Indian ethnic table lamps. Sporting eye-catching prints, intricate designs, and bright colors, these table lamps can bring back the lost spark of your room making it look stylish and intriguing. 

Terracotta Small Pot Decor

A round traditional terracotta small décor pottery or a clay-based unglazed or glazed ceramic, where the fired body is porous. Its body is adorned with hand-painted traditional designs perfect to add values and festivity inside your home. A must-have for every ethnic or antique theme houses and also ideal to decorate along with modern décor for the contemporary classy home.

cutlery collection spoon silverware


Use these lovely serving pieces for fancy dinners and events or for some beautiful at-home dining! The hammered stainless steel toned with brass flower and leaves has become a sensational bestseller in the world of catering and dining. The ornate brass stems flawlessly support the stainless servers. Set this out on your finely set dining table or antique end table…. it will certainly be thoughtful gift to your mom, sister or your newlyweds friends!


Candle holders are the common and cheapest gift but it is also a perfect gift for a special someone. Make sure to choose unique designs to make it surprising and memorable. Choose designs that are handmade with patterns that will make every room illuminated with style. A soft play of dancing light through beautiful carvings within the tea light candle holder, would give a cozy cornered silhouette to the room.

marble candle holder


Gorgeous tea light candle holder with lid made of soapstone in the shape of pot handcrafted by skilled artisans from Agra. The wonderful openwork pattern allows the flicker of flame from your tea light to shine through and give a soft and gentle glow to your room. A beautiful accent for your living room décor! 

snack plates handmade blue pottery ceramics

Blue Pottery Snack Plates

Creating your own ideal dining table has never been difficult if you choose to pick from our variety of attractive Blue Pottery Plates. This colorful plate reflects the Jaipur art form and introduces culture and tradition to your surroundings. The originality and authenticity of these products make them a worthy grab. There are unique and thoughtful designs that will surely create a stylish decoration to your table.


yoga mat bags

Our Yoga mat bag collection is manually sewn from handpicked, rare and precious vintage fabrics and adorned trims. The color, hand embroidery work, and adornment dazzle is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Due to the use of vintage materials the bags may possess worn components or perfectly aged inconsistencies, all of which add to its unique ancient charm. Use it for your yoga mat, folding beach chair, or as your traveling carry-on. This can also be a perfect gift to your friends this holiday season.


Handmade patchwork framed wall décor that is made from old textile dresses, fully handwork with beads, and metalwork. This tapestry is made by mix-fabrics using patchwork from vintage wedding saris and Indian traditional dresses. These tapestry are inspired by traditional décor symbolizes family, life, wealth & growth. You can choose this as a special gift to family members, elders, friends and loved ones as sign of respect and family orientation.


The cushion cover in vibrant colors is made of cotton. It is graced with hand embroidery in various colors. The raised and embossed texture is hand embroidered with rich threads. The cotton fabric has colorful threads interwoven to form the most attractive designs. It’s impossible to feel faded when you’re surrounded by these eye-catching patterns and vibrant colors, which add a dose of “happy” to any room. Perfect for living room, bedroom, hallway, lounge décor. Suitable to be used on sofas, chairs, couches, beds, as decorative accessory.


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