Useful Home Decor Display Tips This Year 2021

Decorating your home is always fun and exciting in every way, plus it’ll improve the mood inside your home and creates a comfortable feeling that makes people stay. However, ideas don’t come around easy and sometimes what you want doesn’t always come up the way you expect it.


Here are the quick tips how to decorate with the display decor.

1. Select Table Color That Contrast The Design of Decor

If you have a printed decor display, choose a dark shade color of wooden tabletop. The lighter the color of display, the darker the color of the tabletop.

vase and marble decor

Marble Tray | Shell Trinket Bowl | Blue Pottery Vase

Dark blue decorations with Floral prints or blue pottery collection are best to pair with light or neutral tabletop.

Blue Pottery Collection | Vases | Plates 

If you do not have light color table, you can always use table cloth or table mantle with neutral color that contradicts the design of the display and make the decor more distinguishable.


2. Always Work With The Tray

Always work with the tray. Putting all together the decor in one place makes the tabletop looks neat and organized. You can always use a tray to style with the decor display. Choose the size of the tray based on how many decors you wanted to put on the table and how much space the tabletop has.

center decor and table in living room

Ceramic Jar | Hand-painted Tray | Wooden Decor | Floral Mug

If you have big decor displays on the living room center table, choose a big tray that covers the center to take advantage of the space of the table. But try not to exaggerate it and always keep enough on the table when necessary. The bigger decor you’d choose, the more it will make the living room very attractive.

3. Choose Double Purpose Display Decor

The best decor to display are those that accessorize the space and keep it organized at the same time. It is always best to use trinket bowls as decoration on the tabletop.

marble trinket bowls

Marble Trinket Bowls

Pairing it together with table mirror or hanging a big mirror over the table together with fashionable miniature display will make the space look more classy.

 4. Maximize The Space Over The Table

When you put decoration on the table that leans on the wall, the above space might look empty and the best thing to do is to cover it with wall decor or artwork, that consumes the 2/3 of space of the wall.

table decoration

XOXO Candle Holder Decor 

Doing this will strike attraction and turn the eye of audience in it’s direction. You can put any design as long as the wall is neutral, it is easier to decorate it. However, if the wall is printed no need to hang decoration, just focus on the display or choose the right furniture type you will put together.


5. Use Elements That Stand Out And Perfectly Match With Each Other

It is easier to make the decor stand out on the table top but doing both of the table and decor is a bit challenging. The best thing to do is to try alternative furniture that works best with the theme of your room and even out the design of the decor you will choose. 

If you have fewer decor to display you can try decorating with printed tabletop that blends with the color of the decor that you will put at the top.

marble stainless steel side table

Marble Top Stainless Steel side Table 

If you have a wooden furniture leaning on a printed or dark walls, try to switch into something sleek or shiny that will brighten up the space. Neutral color flooring looks good with metallic or stainless steel furniture or even the dark color walls will make the decor look more noticeable too. 

Wooden Side Table

Decorating with wooden tables can be easier than any other furniture because the element and style is universal. It’ll look good with any decor you will put on top but the display is not just as important than choosing the right furniture to match the flooring. Always create a contrast shading to make the furniture more visible and standout.

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If you can’t seem to think of enough ideas where to place houseplants, or the weather is changing outside and you need some improvisation, no problem.

You can still build a lush summer garden inside your four walls, no matter how much living space you have. There are different plant species that do well with a little amount of light and water. This may vary based on which country you are living and the temperature inside the house is another one thing important.

In middle east countries like UAE and Saudi Arabia, the weather is quite anticipated based on heat but people understood the real importance of nature to the health so most of the home plants are place indoors. There are popular plants perfect inside the house in which they don’t require much sunlight like Peace Lily/ Spathiphyllum, Aloe Vera, Bamboo, Devil’s Ivy. 

If having a beautiful home seems nearly impossible given your living arrangements, worry no more! Here are some tips and ideas for the perfect indoor garden.


Tiny pots hold delicate herbs basking sunlight in the kitchen, bedroom, living room windowsill. Since the planters are in an area you’d see every day, you would easily remember to water them and look after them on a day to day basis.


Make the most out of a large corner wall,  plus the empty space there will be very lovely by utilizing a wooden planter with beautiful flowers and plants arrangement.


Use decorative mason jars , glass jars for expensive bouquet or marble vases for faux flowers to distribute elegance to the space. Add some vibrant colors to the table or keep it raw to show some classy look. This is a great way to bring some freshness into your home, by expressing a contemporary vibe to tabletop.



The ideal way to decorate your home with small planters in the living room is by putting it next to the sofa or a chair, at the top of an elegant side table or place them on the floor.

You can easily appreciate the beauty and freshness of things if you are near to them and if plants or flowers are present in the room it can easily boost moods in the atmosphere bringing people positivity and gratifying thoughts.

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You have to admit, seeing colorful flowers and green plants inside your home can soothe your mind enhancing your sense of tranquility. Having plants indoors may not only bring a room to life, but it also helps with air quality.

Embellish a simple decor by using clear bottles as DIY vases that will let your favorite flower take the center of attraction.

This would look great in a kitchen or dining area too along with those pots, jars, mugs, and bowls. Doing this might increase inspiration for your cooking and get people to have more appetite while they eat.


Ever hear about “First Impression Last”? There is nothing wrong to believe this principle. At home, we don’t consider only our housemates but the visitors as well. Plants and flowers can bring pleasant vibes and the idea of putting the planters near the front door might bring a good impression to people which is very important in building comfort and hospitality.

A glass jar or modified as a planter is a great way to decorate the front door. These vases, you may place on the lounge, living space, porch, or garden.


The staircase is the highlight of a big house. If you have stairs, this is the most noticeable part of the house especially if it occupies a vast space.

This might also be the busiest because this means a bridge to go upstairs. They are not meant to be decorative but they can be furnished with planters so that in some way home feels to be welcoming.

All Photo Credits to Pexels and Min Ayn Home

Original Content by Marie Garcia


Useful Home Decor Display Tips This Year 2021

How to decorate your home this year 2021