If you can’t seem to think of enough ideas where to place houseplants, or the weather is changing outside and you need some improvisation, no problem.

You can still build a lush summer garden inside your four walls, no matter how much living space you have. There are different plant species that do well with a little amount of light and water. This may vary based on which country you are living and the temperature inside the house is another one thing important.

In middle east countries like UAE and Saudi Arabia, the weather is quite anticipated based on heat but people understood the real importance of nature to the health so most of the home plants are place indoors. There are popular plants perfect inside the house in which they don’t require much sunlight like Peace Lily/ Spathiphyllum, Aloe Vera, Bamboo, Devil’s Ivy. 

If having a beautiful home seems nearly impossible given your living arrangements, worry no more! Here are some tips and ideas for the perfect indoor garden.


Tiny pots hold delicate herbs basking sunlight in the kitchen, bedroom, living room windowsill. Since the planters are in an area you’d see every day, you would easily remember to water them and look after them on a day to day basis.


Make the most out of a large corner wall,  plus the empty space there will be very lovely by utilizing a wooden planter with beautiful flowers and plants arrangement.


Use decorative mason jars , glass jars for expensive bouquet or marble vases for faux flowers to distribute elegance to the space. Add some vibrant colors to the table or keep it raw to show some classy look. This is a great way to bring some freshness into your home, by expressing a contemporary vibe to tabletop.



The ideal way to decorate your home with small planters in the living room is by putting it next to the sofa or a chair, at the top of an elegant side table or place them on the floor.

You can easily appreciate the beauty and freshness of things if you are near to them and if plants or flowers are present in the room it can easily boost moods in the atmosphere bringing people positivity and gratifying thoughts.

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You have to admit, seeing colorful flowers and green plants inside your home can soothe your mind enhancing your sense of tranquility. Having plants indoors may not only bring a room to life, but it also helps with air quality.

Embellish a simple decor by using clear bottles as DIY vases that will let your favorite flower take the center of attraction.

This would look great in a kitchen or dining area too along with those pots, jars, mugs, and bowls. Doing this might increase inspiration for your cooking and get people to have more appetite while they eat.


Ever hear about “First Impression Last”? There is nothing wrong to believe this principle. At home, we don’t consider only our housemates but the visitors as well. Plants and flowers can bring pleasant vibes and the idea of putting the planters near the front door might bring a good impression to people which is very important in building comfort and hospitality.

A glass jar or modified as a planter is a great way to decorate the front door. These vases, you may place on the lounge, living space, porch, or garden.


The staircase is the highlight of a big house. If you have stairs, this is the most noticeable part of the house especially if it occupies a vast space.

This might also be the busiest because this means a bridge to go upstairs. They are not meant to be decorative but they can be furnished with planters so that in some way home feels to be welcoming.

All Photo Credits to Pexels and Min Ayn Home

Original Content by Marie Garcia


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3 Powerful Ways How To Deal With Money Envy

Envy is the cause of a person’s greed. The problem with most people they are never satisfied. That’s why they never stop getting what they want.
Specifically, with money, this is one of the most common things that people have to deal with.
Nowadays, money became one of the basic needs. We cannot deny how money can make the world go round. Having money makes you want more of it.

“Greed isn’t about a financial issue, it’s a heart issue”. – Andy Stanley

Living is not easy, that’s why most people think that money can solve their suffering. Yes, with money you can buy the things you need, with money you’ll become powerful and successful and so you could live happily ever after – that’s the reality of life. However. it doesn’t mean it can buy Life.

Life is about having true happiness, and true happiness is priceless.
True happiness comes from the heart. Not from material things.

I guess that’s why people develop the “Love of Money”. [Slow clap]

Have you ever experience true happiness in life?
If you’re envious because of money, I doubt it.
We are living inside a needy world full of temptation. We cannot take away the fact that money plays the biggest part of our lives. Therefore, we technically develop earthly feelings such as envy and no matter how I see it, being envious can ruin a person’s life; his relationship, career, and integrity, even his way of thinking.
Guess what? we can never stop this feeling…now and then we will have to deal with this kind of emotional issue, but we will always have a choice of how to react to it.

Here are 3 powerful ways how to deal with envy…

1. Always ask yourself, WHY?

The most important thing to do while dealing with a poisonous emotion is to know your intentions.
Why money is a big deal for me? Why do I need more money? Why am I being envious? Why am I feeling this way?
I’ve been watching the news recently, and I noticed that most crimes nowadays involve money. A woman got stabbed to death just to get her bag. A family was killed inside their own house, for robbery. People, most of the time, are being brought up with the fact that money can solve everything. Regardless of why they did such a thing; the main reason would be poverty.
A high level of envy can be found in those who experience poverty or difficulties. Simple feeling that can possibly result in a hilarious crime. Envy is a belief that you lack something and you have to do everything to have it. That’s why we impulsively take action to achieve it.
I believe that everything has a reason. Being envious is a strong negative emotion that could poison our minds without realizing it. In money, the good reason comes with good intentions. When you ask yourself why make sure to be true to yourself. If your motives are clear, guilt will automatically come out in its own way. Remember, guilt can decide even in the hardest decision of our lives.
When your guilt speaks, listen to it. Regardless of who you are, the money will always be part of your needs. That’s why you always have to listen to your guilt.
When I was studying in college, my mom was working regularly but her salary was just enough for our everyday living; enough to pay the monthly electric bill, water bill, and the food we eat. In short, money used to be enough just for our needs. Growing up is hard, without money it’s really hard to achieve your dreams. There was a time that I wasn’t able to pay my tuition fee to the fact that I didn’t have a chance to take my midterm exam. It was really upsetting. I got really envious of other students, including my friends. That was the first time I started to ask myself why am I being like this?
That time, I am pretty sure it’s because of money. When I ask myself why my motives became clear. My guilt came on its way and gave me a chance to decide between two options. Right or Wrong. At the same time, I got the privilege to ask myself a follow-up question, “What am I going to do about it?” And then, I decided to be a working student until I graduated.

2. Learn to be COMPASSIONATE

Some people who have problems with money are having a hard time being compassionate most of the time. To tell you the truth, it is really hard to be compassionate when you’re in the midst of suffering.
Try not to look at other people, look at yourself. We all have desires and it’s a normal emotion that human beings have to deal with but it’s very important to know if these things are reasonable enough for us to tolerate. The more you look away and see other people, the more you are moving away from the real desire your heart.

Try seeing yourself on other people shoes, how are they feeling. And before your greed consumes you, try to picture things on their perspective, how would they feel when something bad happen. If you learn to be compassionate, you’ll learn to manage your greed.

3. Count the things you already have that money cannot buy.

Focus on great moments to share with people not planting negative emotions towards them.
Envy can result in serious behavioral issues, unfriendliness toward people that can create gaps between you and them. Learn to live life with guilt, content, and selflessness.
The biggest treasure in life is not the things that you can put a price on, it is the Life itself and the life of the people around you. You just have to remind yourself every now and then.
There is nothing wrong to pursue money but you should learn to embrace it by having a goal not only for yourself.

And that’s how I think you can stop being envious and start becoming genuinely happy.

Fashionable Halloween Costume Ideas For Women

Halloween doesn’t have to be spooky, bloody and dull, it’s supposed to be a fun event with your family and friends. So why don’t we try to be fashionably creative during this occasion? Oh yeah, let me help you decide on that!

Cute And Classic Costumes


Tired of capes and hoodies during Halloween? You can be fashionable by wearing colorful onesie costumes on your Halloween Slumber Party especially if you are going to spend it with families, cute costumes are perfect for your event. If you are looking for a cute costume for an indoor Party, you can be a multicolored mythical creature! What a comfy way to dress up for Halloween.

Unicorn Costume

Cheshire Cat Onesie

The Cheshire Cat is a fictional cat popularised by Lewis Carroll in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and known for its distinctive mischievous grin. This is a perfect costume for halloween slumber party with friends, specially when you love pink and purple. Halloween is the best season to wear costumes and it might be a good idea to think of something new and get out of the usual tradition of being scary. Bright colors are not even spooky but it is so cool isn’t it?

Looking for more Party ideas?

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Cheshire Cat Onesie
Cheshire Cat Onesie

Jessie Cowgirl Costume

Cowgirl/Cowboy Theme is commonly overused for parties but it never gets old all throughout the time. Aside from it is very fashionable and easy to think of the style, it is one of the famous unisex themes. Meaning it is suitable to all; men, women and even with children occasions. So it depends on your creativeness to stand out the crowd. If you dress up more of a classic, like a cowgirl Jessie’s character in Famous 1999 animated movie, Toy Story 2; you’re way over chic and sassy. The trick is, aim to add a little bit of creative twist since its Halloween, try to create a new character out of this style like  Cowgirl on Skirts or a perfect matching Woody OOTD with a male friend. Aww Isn’t that exciting?!

Toy Story Jessie Cowgirl
Toy Story Jessie Cowgirl


Olive Oyl Classic Costume

Who doesn’t love Olive’s classic cute and demure character? Olive Oyl is the famous lover of Popeye the Sailor, the character created by Elzie Crisler Segar in 1919 for his comic strip Thimble Theatre.

Choosing this look may be unique plus you won’t have to worry because there are many sites online that offer this look.

Olive Oyl costume for women
Olive Oyl

Sexy Halloween Look


If you can’t be cute, you can always be sexy. Unicorn has been a trend since 2015 and this became one of the best choice costume today.




This one is so unique! Even When I first saw this I was in love with it! Ancient can be classy! Two piece of a sassy, top and bottom with gold and Egyptian details and a gold cape that has it all. Instead of wearing a vampire look with cape which is very common on Halloween, you may choose a Fashionable Cleopatra Look.

sexy egyptian

Sexy Devilish Girl

This look is simple yet fabulous, you just need to wear red and smoky make up to spice up your look. To highlight your body you just need to wear spandex which curves out you hips that is way too sexy!

sexy devil costume
Pretty Little Thing | Sexy Devil Girl


Sexy Mermaid Costume


<img src="prettylittlething.jpg" alt="Sexy Mermaid Costume">
Sexy Mermaid Costume


Gothic Princess


Dressily | Gothic Princess
Dressily | Gothic Princess



Dressily | Gothic Princess
Dressily | Gothic Princess


Retro Chic


Retro Chic Costume
Retro Chic Costume

More Retro Flapper Costume Choices

Fall Lolita

Fall Lolita Costume
Fall Lolita Costume